OMG really?¬† Everyones dropping like flies in Hollywood must be something in the water….wait a minute doesn’t everyone drink bottle water over there? Its a conspiracy! OK enough of the jokes one of my all time biggest heartthrobs from being a teenager was found dead of an overdose this morning in his LA home :(

How, how how does one of the sexiest (in my humble¬† 13 yr old opinion) most popular actors from the 80′s die alone in such a depressing circumstances, ok i don’t really need an answer to that it was more of an expression like The Thrills said…..

Who by the way will be morbidly loving this news finally their song will get played again! In honesty I liked him sooo much i briefly dated someone from that band as i thought in some way that would bring me closer to him (i was young shut up). Anyways it didn’t and so now all i have are the hallowed films from my teenage years and the very depressing ‘The Two Coreys’ tv show. I feel another movie marathon coming on Lost Boys, Prayer of The Roller Boys, License to Drive, Dream a Little Dream, Lucas and thats it the latter half of his filmography is a bit whack. May the movie gods bless his soul xxx

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  1. Mel says:

    I used to love ‘Rollerboys’ like crazy! License To Drive also a classic.

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