quite possibly the worst movie i’ve ever seen

‘A day in the life of Sticky Fingaz’ the title totally sucked me in Sticky was by far my fav of the Onyx, what could be more interesting than seeing 2 hours through his eyes. What wasnt on my copy of the film was marketing spiel ‘The Worlds First Hip-Hop Musical” (surely that was MTV’s Carmen ), as i would have known how WRONG my expectations actually were. Now im probably gonna get alot of stick for this (esp from the likes of the Kersal massive ) but i don’t care how innovative or clever you may think it is to rap an entire movie, let me tell you now, its not. In fact i would go as far as to say it could be used as some form of torture cause last night i seriously lost my mind watching 2 hours of NON STOP terrible rapping from some people that should actually know better….

Omar Epps, Mekhi Phifer, Michael Rapport, Treach and the rest fell foul to some seriously tenuous rhymes (cheese/please, intentionally/penitentiary…lmfao) that made up the entire cliched script. Can i ask is there anyone thats seen this movie and actually likes it? Would those of you that said yes really believe you could still board a plane at an international airport whilst carrying a handgun and taking part in a shoot out? Finally, to the same people, how long has it been since you flew anywhere?  For everyone else that hasnt seen the film and wants to see for them selves the masterpiece (cough, choke, gag…excuse me) that Sticky Fingaz, wrote, directed, composed, starred in and produced heres the trailer…

There are so many awful things in this movie where to begin? His stereo typical girlfriend, their rapped sex scenes (cringe), the fact he buys 3 sniper rifles even though he wants to get up close and personal with his target, a very skinny Cain from Menace to Society, the wearing of stripper heels with velor tracksuits, the constant sniffing of cocaine from an open note pulled out of a pocket (is it magic coke that sticks to money?), the totally unbelievable shoot out in an AIRPORT with only 2 police men, the fact that Sticky didn’t know the woman he was in love with was his enemies sister…note to any gangstas out there you might want to converse with your woman a little more than playing the fruit and cheese guessing game before declaring your in love with her…. oh dam i’ve lost you i guess you’ll just have to watch it to find out….Mwah ha ha ha ha ha, p.s. watching with a bottle of vodka does help the constant cringe factor….:)

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  1. Flight says:

    Hahaaaaaahahahahahahahaha!!!!! This film looks hilarious! I’m gonna attempt to watch it (with your recommended bottle of voddy) – I know I won’t get past the 20min mark without it… lol @ Mekhi Phifer aka Stamina MC

  2. Jenna G says:

    LMFAO MEKHI & STAMINA oh im missing out on some jokes up north!
    Did you watch it yet? I cant wait to hear your glowing review x

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