halfway there…

The clock is a ticking (look right) to the Oscars, past midweek and im halfway through enormous list of films up for awards at this Sundays ceremony. The Lovely Bones (Best Actor Leading Role)& An Education(Best Picture, Best Actress Leading Role & Screenplay) are the latest addition to the watched list. You want a quick one word review…..YAY & UGH….The Lovely Bones is as it says absolutely lovely even with such a macabre topic…a very enjoyable movie mixing some beautifully surreal production with  some stellar performances from the cast ( really hope Stanley Tucci gets Oscar for his brilliant dodgy guy next door impression, love the comb over too tres peado) , i  also actually like Rachel Weisz for once  has to be the fab direction of Peter Jackson and how about the  cute guy x2 (Marky MArk & random english rainbow baby boy mmmmmm). This film has a really nice up beat twist to the whole serial killer film with the events after the murder narrated from the young victims point of view. A well deserved watch which left me feeling a little spooked but very satisfied, more so than the over hyped An Education. Im sorry Miss Baker i never read the book maybe its riveting but as for the film, yawn, yawn, yawn, did someone just say Chanel?

It was all over for this film really with the appearance of Peter Saarsgaard…you see i didn’t know what this film was about, or who was in it (thats the same for most of the films on my to watch list) if its a good movie then i shouldnt need any forewarning other than its good…any hoo upped popped Peter….ugh his face…i dunno its just so blah in my opinion like he always looks like a bit of a bastard,  obvious then that his character in the film was gonna be a perveted liar oooo didn’t see that coming, waste of bloody time. Thank god for Emma Thompson and the gorgeous 60′s stylings , i love khaki rain macs with black shift dress’s, but not enough to like this movie. How the hell is it up for so many awards…must be the whole Brit Cool thing!

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