breaking my slovakian virginty…

Jenna G in Bratislavia

This weekend im going to Slovakia for the first time ever, playing for the Drumatique crew in Bratislavia and rounding up my epic birthday month (yes im still celebrating!). If your local or not you need to get down and witness the fitness that myself, Axiom and the Drumatique DJs will be flexing! Oh and please be gentle with me people its my first time in your wonderful country ;)

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  1. eluschka says:

    hahah,are U scared already?I hope U have never seen the Hostel movie,U would never ever come!
    but there is nothing to be scared of,just maybe of alcohol
    (but we gonna celebrate our beautiful B-day-so needed) ;)
    for the rest just nice people
    looking forward

  2. Jenna G says:

    Can i just say it was amazing and the whole city blew me away, thanks again lady for everything xoxo

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