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Approach for landing at Vienna

Here in this amazing city til next week working, playing and celebrating (my birthday, duh like i haven’t mentioned enough…) thought i’d give a heads up to a few of the local attractions i’ll be taking in over the next few days…..First stop is fashion, of course, and where else would i go but to Lila Pix (Neubau)  to pick up a little something from friend and Vienna native Gina Drewes for my gig on Saturday. Also gonna be striking a pose (finally watchin ANTM has a use!) in the photo shoot for Ginas new collection ‘Bird of Paradise’, heres a sneaky peak from her facebook site.

Gina DRewes Bird of Paradise gina bird 2

These are from her collaboration with Tiberius that hit the catwalk at Vienna Fashion Week last winter

Music wise you want to sample something local obviously im recommending the many artists on DnB label Mainframe, ill be in the studio with Camo & Krooked next week before heading back home (very exciting stuff) and sharing a stage and birthday celebrations with Disaszt.

Camo & Krooked – Sacrilege by Krooked

Clubwise its been a while since i’ve been over but nothing changes in terms of Flex always being packed thanks to the awesome soundsystem which i get to yell through on Saturday (more info 2moro) also gonna check out the new Slap! Club for more dnb/dubstep action on Friday, hosted by the above mainframe artists im sure it will be a crazy start to a very crazy weekend ;)

Did i miss anything, holla i’d love to check it out before i leave :)

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