trainer trouble, help!

Nike SB 2010 so far

Wanting to spoil myself for my birthday as no one buys me presents anymore (cue worlds smallest violin) i was thinking about a new pair of Nike’s as its been a while since i forked out on some fly colour-wayed kicks the trouble is im not that keen on parting with my non existent money after checking out the latest releases (above)…I have a few words but i think for me, boring sums up the collection for 2010 so far…the BOOM is cool but the colours seem so dark and the Cliff Huxtable sounds awesome but again hasn’t got me salivating on sight. Whats going on? Where are the standard coveted designs and desirable colours? How can i not like any of their new kicks since Nov, i love their dunks, am i being a little extreme!?! Last years offerings from Jan and onwards were way more tastier than whats on offer now. Did i miss something? Is whack the new black? Did they axe someone in design? Questions questions so many questions but not enough trainers! Even a return to the classic colours with white out later in spring doesn’t have me that excited, (but if you had to give me a pair i’d take the red) so im heading back to 2009 to find a pair that i missed….

Nike SB Jan - Apr 09

Bloody Gums are all over ebay so ill stay away from them, for now. The Twin Peaks i should have bought  when they came out but didn’t as the owl was a bit of a sore point at that time, now im over it i cant find a pair in my bloody size anywhere :( That leaves the Kisses blazers as the next on my list but i don’t wear Blazers and cant afford to buy something just to look at! AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaah a little help here anyone…..

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  1. re says:

    Well….I know nothing about shoes… – but if you tell me when and where to send, I’ll make sure you’ll get a birthday present :) love your work, peace!

  2. nerdbanite says:
    …or get down to the Nike Studio and see the materials in the flesh… not as expensive as you think either.

  3. Jenna G says:

    That is the nicest thing, but how do i know you won’t send a bomb to my house ;) lol

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