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Vincent Cassel

Wow has it really been that long since my last post? The time has just flown by, it must be the company i’ve been keeping….Hooked since La Haine Vincent Cassel is one french man who would definately get it (if i wasn’t a lady and he wasn’t married to Belucci). The past week whilst engrossed inĀ  french films a familiar trend began to appear…that trend was Vincent, in nearly every movie i watched Doberman, Read My Lips, Brotherhood of the Wolf….by the last one ‘Mesrine’ you could have scraped me off the sofa thanks to beating heart….warm jelly doesn’t even come close.

Literally one of the best gangsta epics i’ve seen in a long bloody time WAY BETTER than American Gangsta, which lets face it was too long, didn’t have enough action and ended slow. Its a close call but i actually think Mesrine is the best performance of Mr Cassels career so far…running a very close second to L’Apartment which is ultimately tied with La Haine for me (but i am an old black and white romantic). Cant recommend this 2 dvd epic enough the perfect gift for a those into their foreign flicks this impending Valentines Day or in my case perfect sofa viewing if you have a few hours of nothing to do of an afternoon or evening. Seeing as Faldini (house mate) bought the dvd don’t be surprised if i go offline for a while real soon ;)

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