at tomorrows location

Gina in 70's shadow

Today Gina and I went with the photographer (Giorgio) to check out the location for her shoot tomorrow. The Prater Sauna is an old sauna/swingers club which still has most of the original features/ decor and plays host to some of the wildest parties in town (so i hear)…its half abandoned, half design, with indoor / outdoor swimming pools, the kind of place that in the UK you just wouldn’t find (being used like this anyway) and has some dope retro stuff left lying around the place like this.

La Perla 2000

Tanning Chair straight out of Barbarella featuring Ms Gina ;)

graffiti pee

Space wee!

Respect the toilet

Digging the arty toilets which have took second place in my top ten toilet list, bumping the square ones at Bal Harbour (peeing into a square will never cease to be amusing!) from the number two spot (first will eternally be a tie between Sketch’s EGG capsules and 10 bars lock and frost glass doors). Actually just noticed how many pics i took of the toilets, i didnt even take a pics of saunas and swimming pools, lmao.

through the legs

Soooo looking forward to channeling the ‘STudio 54 diva bird of paradise’ character and playing dress up in some drop dead gorgeous clothes tomorrow, a dope start to a birthday weekend :)

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