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SOuth American Handstands

Having been at home for all of 5 days since the 12th of December and having experienced major fallout with all my apple macs (i have two im no pimp!) i havent had the time to sort out videos of mine and Danny Wheelers trip to SOuth America…but Danny got creative and made this dope reminder of our hell of fun time over there in 2009 for the first volume of his W10 blog

Looking good Senor Wheeler, big shouts once again to all crew that made last years pre xmas trip to the party continent of south america so much bloody fun, see you all again very soon ;)

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  1. Eli says:

    nice one and DCS rock hahahaha love you both wish u the best!! and W10 records is coming with all it got!!!!

  2. Jeff Leach says:

    This video is big in the game. All that is missing is your voice throughout. Looks like you had a sic time though gorge. xx

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