braunschweig to belgium

Jenna G Braunschweig

Wow what a mad weekend, my name up on one of those old school cinema style boards and cheeseburgers brought to me in bed…i am a very lucky girl…woman…lady…person?? lol :) No pictures from the Braun of schweig im afraid apart from this one above took by a raver (danke) it was ridiculously fun but i got very drunk, being a little nervous my first time in the city alone and all, I kept a hold of my drink rather than my camera, however Modfest was a different story…

modfest A team

Too many pictures to incriminate far to many people however heres my safe pick of the Belgium bunch….oh and theres a video at the bottom….Murdock i have one word….BURN!

Modfest Netsky

modfest TS

Modfest crazy raver

modfest quest1 & netsky

modfest raver

Ha ha absoulutely hilarious evening, morning and following evening. Thanks in multiple ways to Oli, the club manager in Braunschweig (for my WW2 lesson eek) Murdock, Total Science, Zen, Netsky and my pretty boy bunk buddy. Twas as always fun at work in the ‘Twerp!

Modfest bunk buddies

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