a reclamation of space

It was getting silly, my inbox on the book of fass, every day over 100 messages mostly invites to events id never make constantly needing deletion. Real messages from friends and people who wanted to network were getting lost in the daily barrage. In between a ridiculous amount of gigging last year my precious time was mostly taken up sifting through junktastic mailboxes instead of being creative (this is what i have decided). So i took action i deleted 60% of my ‘friends’…Not as easy as it sounded thanks to a non mass deletion function and the interactions with some. Dont get me wrong im so grateful for every one who respects my work and takes the time to compliment or support it, i control all my social artist sites and hope the interaction on them (my facebook fan page being one of them) is personal enough for everyone wanting to say hi!

Im not trying to sound harsh but if i only met you briefly in a club/festival/backstage/alley and we didnt have an event of momentous proportions bestow us and change our paths forever, in my opinion it doesn’t exactly make us friends, acquaintances (which is what i think they should rename the fan page on Facebook) maybe, but friends not really, im thinking this is the majority of peoples opinions on friendship, right? So i hope you understand the reclamation of personal space on what had come to be the very in-personal book of fass.

Anyways this is just a final thank you to all those that were friends, thanksĀ  for wanting to be and hope we can do so in the real world some day, in the mean time this blog is open to all :) Mwah ha ha ha hahahahahahhaha

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