this happened a year ago?!?!

Sat at christmas dinner last night my primary school friends husband informed me about Joaquin Phoenix and his apparent bout of craziness last year when he announced his retirement from acting to pursue a rapping career. Have i really been that disconnected for a whole 12 months that i couldn’t have heard that the former Leaf Phoenix (did we ever get a reason why he changed his name?) had gone a little bit loco?I just dont understand how a year has gone by and no-one at any point anywhere in the world that i’ve beenĀ  has ever talked about it until now. He’s so hot and has been since Parenthood, not to mention hes a bloody good actor, sorry that should have come first :P

Shame on all the people who haven’t mentioned this to me, shame on me for sleeping in between gigs instead of trawling streets for internet cafes to keep up with this kind of stuff! I love Joaquin i feel (stupidly and confined to the realms of my fantasy world) that if i had his number i could have sorted this all out in a second…tee hee…but seriously what is going on with him now? No reports online of any other weird outbursts of career choices since the Letterman appearance , and no sign of the album it was reported Puff Daddy (surprise surprise) was gonna help him make…oh lord the shame on Joaquin when he gets clean or un crazy and looks back on his gaga public appearances. This is probably the most bizarre, i really cant take any of this seriously…

Ok so now where is he? Is he locked up in a padded cell somewhere? Was this an elaborate method actor preparing for his next part? Was this even him? Crazy as he (or whoever) obviously was on the Letterman appearance (and this is the big question) you totally still would have innit ladies ;) ?!?

Joaquin, somebody, anybody speak to me :P

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  1. Melissa says:

    His parents named him Joaquin at birth, but he hated having a name that was different from his sibs (River, Rain, etc)so he asked to change it to Leaf as a preteen. Changed it back later on after his brother died.

    I’ve heard that he does indeed have personal/emotional probs, but is doing much better as of late. I’m happy for that…I love him in Space Camp!

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