naked schwäbisch gmünd

Naked in middle

Two Seasons party, 2nd round 21.11.09 I dont know what happened but by the end of the night 70% of the party was topless….im not complaining in fact non of us ladies were! Naked dancefloor

Naked Star boy & me

Naked strangers

Naked Crowd shot

Naked star boy & vinnie

Naked star boy

Big shouts to Dominic, Two Seasons, Tease, my gurls Ari, Christine and of course the rest of the shot fuelled club crew, as always was way too much fun gutted i missed out on the tic tac toe tattoo after-party tee hee :) More pics on my Flickr for those that didn’t get enough flesh here! lol

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  1. ARI says:

    heee sweety, tease told me u come back in january/february-so we´ve the repeat that party and then u won´t miss the after-tattoo-party. have nice xmas and a good start in the new year…

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