kelu and my new tattoo

Kelu in Action 1

Ok so obviously i didn’t get FEELINGS tattooed on my neck and shame on all of you who left comments of commendation for such a silly idea!! Was quite funny though having drunken ravers in Mannheim clawing at my neck to check the artwork lol ;)

Kelu design

This is the real piece as a simple sketch…my coveted feather tattoo that i’ve wanted for quite sometime but knew it involved a bald patch at the side of my head, as i wanted them coming out of my hair hence the new haircut amongst other reasons…. The idea finally came to life in the talented hands of Kelu in Stuttgart back in Nov, he knew exactly what i wanted before i’d really said that much about my ideas.

Kelu checker demon

Thanks to a connect we confidently headed down to the very busy Checker Demon Tattoos the next day for the 2 hour session which honestly was a little painful for 15 mins right at the end, the other hour and 45 mins were drowned out by my ipod shuffle of Cancer Bats (Hail Destroyer), Enter Shikari (Common Dreads) and Linkin Park (Minutes to Midnight). Loud noise to overcome the tattoo gun right next to my ear!

Kelu & Tat

When it was all over i thought he was joking, i was ready for some hard core burning pain but it never came, not trying to sound hard or like some sort of perv but i honestly cant remember thinking ‘I cant take this anymore’ anyways watever its amazing and im soooooo happy i got my feathers in my hair, big thanks to Kelu, Checker Demon & Tease. Half way there finished product you’ll see soon enough :P

Kelu Half done

3 Responses to “kelu and my new tattoo”

  1. illegaldrum says:

    Amazing tat2 and a place to put it…

  2. miss mistry says:

    loves it! muchos enviouso ;)

  3. Jenna G says:

    Ah my tat i luv it too, when you getting your dancing lady?

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