a black and white xmas

Im home

Last year i woke up in Melbourne on christmas day, this year it was just me and my Dad at home fallin asleep on the couch…BLISS!So relaxed after a mad time in South America i didnt couldnt even take a picture…apart from the fire. So my memories will be retained by the fabulous black and white movies in which we indulged.

A young Robert Mitchum looks surprisingly like a heart-breaker i know, never seen the connection til i watched this movie now like any unrequited lover i am obsessed with Mr Mitchum ;)

Rita your killing me with every second your on screen in this movie, fellas how did you handle it? Amada Mio outfit is in serious competition with Gun’s n Roses Novemebr Rain video¬† bridal dress for my wedding rags ;)

Gasps and dramatically clasps at throat, the soundtrack is transporting, taking you to smokey cafes and backlit streets dans la Paris!! Miles Davis and Jeanne Moreau aimlessly strutting…stunning!

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