Silvius Brabo ;P

Antwerp Great Market Sq

This weekend whilst in Antwerp i managed to fit a flit of sightseeing in between the 2 gigs, studio & drinking sessions. There was only one thing i really wanted to see and that was the  statue of Silvius Brabo ‘the hand tosser’ whose actions Antwerp is allegedly named after…Its a strange story really one which im only aware of thanks to Enter Shikari’s song Antwerpen, even asking the Belguim crew didnt make it any clearer all i know is that it never really happened but everyone still believes in it so much so there’s a statue dedicated to this myth.

Silvius Brabo is a mythical Roman soldier who is said to have killed a giant,  this story is used to explain the name Antwerp (meaning hand throwing). Brabo once killed a giant, called Druon Antigoon, who asked money from people who wanted to pass by the river Scheldt. When they didn’t want to pay, he cut off their hand and threw it in the river. Because of this Brabo also removed the hand of the giant, and threw it away. This mythical story is still shown by the statue in front of the Antwerp City Hall.

Brabo Giant

Brabo feet

I had to see it …even touch it but when we got there the thought of touching it honestly sent shivers down my spine. On a dark and rainy night we walked towards the Brabo Fountain it stood in the middle of the cobbled Grand Market Square, eerily lit from four corners its green and stone mass shimmered, silvered looking almost alive.

Brabo Beast

Stood on top of jagged rocks a mesh of limbs, sea creatures, waves and two strained looking ladies stare down at the arched body of the giant whose severed hand Silvius holds mid toss at the top of the statue.

Brabo Hand Toss!

I was adamant this thing was gonna move and some how consume me if i stepped within a foot and so i grabbed Boris as my bodyguard when posing for this pic….seriously i was crapping myself :)

Scary STatue

About an hour afterwards we walked past again this time the rain had stopped, all was calm and now it was just a statue, i felt like a bit of a sh*tbag for my previous fears and protests at touching it. Still was much fun all the same i do recommend sampling some greenery and visiting the Statue at night in the rain for all those Antwerp tourist thrill seekers…lol!

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