Jedward in Jeremys?!?!?

Its official Jedward can die a slow painful death not because of the debacle that is X Factor and their hideous lack of talent (see above). Not because of their incestuous lust for fame and their wilingness to do anything for it no no no. On Saturday night these identicle spasms crossed the line of no return……THEY WERE BOTH WEARING JEREMY SCOTTS WINGED ADIDAS !!! Ex-squeeze me?!? I beg your pardon wtf are these two hobos from Hinckleberry doing in a pair of trainers so fly they have wings? Its over my pretty pretty trainers are ruined, every chav with no originality will be wanting them and next thing you know they’ll be mass produced on the high street in JD Sports!

Im sorry if you think im being a bit harsh but i have wanted these trainers for over a year, they have been next to impossible to get and all of a sudden their on the feet of JEDWARD. They are not worthy of these shoes they have no clue, how can this be. I hate them, i hate Adidas for allowing their brand to be associated with such talentless f**ks. The Xfactor is not Maddison Square Gardens and they will never have a Run DMC moment (Watch ‘Just For Kicks’).

Xfactor i always knew you sucked balls, now it has been confirmed you and all who work for you suck Satans balls!

Rant over….

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