Whats it all a bot?

If you dont know im on twitter quite a lot thanks to the handy IPhone app, where ever when ever whatever im twitting, with some exceptions :P Any ways a few times i’ve had my tweets repeated by automated Twitter accounts due to particular words used in my tweet, i believe they are called bots…When i’ve sworn a potty mouth bot has told me off, used the word morning a lovely good morning is tweeted back and most recently when i mentioned the wasp in my bathroom a wasp bot retweeted my tweet. What the hell is this all about and how does knowing just who has included random words like wasp in their tweets benefit anyone?

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  1. Melissa says:

    I’m especially fond of the day the porn bots started following me after I said “ho” repeatedly. Although I could’ve done without the avatars of the gaping ladycaves. *shudders*

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