Weekend Swag!

Readers of Jenna’s blog will know I was down in London this weekend, what you may not realise is the level I got hooked up.


Now i’m used to hook ups. I get given stuff here and there, But this weekend was something ELSE!

Firstly I want to thank Rachael at Adidas for the massive footwear hook ups!


Especially the Superstar 80′s 3way with crooked tongues….


A big thanks to the people at G-shock for my shiny new watch :

g shock

….. And last but by no means least Rufus & Will from Second Son. I dont have to buy a t-shirt for the rest of the year thanks to those guys. Always keeping me looking dipped and fresh!

pencil tsword tfists sweatHOLLA ATCHA BREADBIN!

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  1. Ed Hardy says:

    That is nice. I like the sword

    Ed Hardy

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