The Nike IAM1 Journey, Buenos Aires

Nike - The Iam1 Journey

Any city can fire the imagination… The IAM1 Journey discovers six most incredible cities…  Milan, London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and Buenos Aires through the eyes of its revolutionaries, innovators and inhabitants all inspired by an extraordinary trainer.

In December im heading back to South America with Danny Wheeler for the Magneto tour round 2 :P We’ll be passing through Venezuela, Chile, Columbia and Argentina where last year we had the most magical night in the fabulous city of Buenos Aires. This was followed by an equally amazing gig at the premiere accelerated music night in BA +160 run by the host with the most Bad Boy Orange who very is much one of the revolutionaries mentioned above. Take a look at this amazing city through the eyes of the one and only Bad Boy O in his part of Nike The Iam1 Journey Buenos Aires.

Cant wait to get back to +160!

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