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So am I really, really late on this one?On the front it says issue 23?? How come ive only just found this now?! I went into my local Magma to buy a copy of the new Sneaker-Freaker, which they didnt have in stock yet, however they did have Shoes Up. Other than the usual articles you get in trainer magazines, its good to see an old crooked tongues style ‘what ones wearing’ section. An area of their website i always enjoyed looking at, before they stopped updating it….

what ones wearing BUT what caught my eye the most was the work of artist Federico Uribe who’s installation work is incredible, well worth having a browse through his website. animal farm

working with mixed media, in this collection ‘Animal farm’ this piece titled ‘Bull’ (I think his creative talent got used up on making it by the time he came to naming it!) is made from wood and shoe soles. Check out the rest of his collection on his website.

Weather i’m late onto Shoes-Up magazine, or this is the first issue to reach our shores, issue 23 is well worth picking up, even if it is just for the make your own mini converse trainer box at the back!

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