Run @ Motion x Foo Mag!

Run x Foo

Bristol is a party town for sure, only ever had one bad night there and that was cause someone spiked me with no-party juice, tut tut Mr i know your name! Eyes and hands firmly on my drinks since then i’v had the most fun performing and partying  in ‘the bubble’ and a few weeks back was the first time i got to play for RUN @ Motion with my DJ Danny Wheeler. Foo Magazine was down there on the night the Mancs rolled in (Zed Bias & Tonn Piper also reppin on the bill!) and made this very funny video…im not drunk at all ;)

Thanks again to the Run crew for looking after me and Danny, the constant flow of alcohol made me overlook the fact i got a splinter whilst dodging missing floorboards on stage :P Shouts to all crew who reached Ads, Clipz, Michelle, Jill, Moonie and the rest it was a ball lets do it all again soon :)

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