Quality Not Quantity…

Mobos Warchild - Fight for best camera angle section!

Mobos was this past week and predictable as ever, loved the location of Glasgow SECC (happy Noisia memories) i mean you can’t get more out of London than that and it was nice to see so many UK acts get awards but really thats what its all about innit, Music Of British/Black Origin…i always get confused since they scratched Drum n Bass!As per usual the awards were  a massive industry back pat, full of the obvious choices and no Kanye moments Boooooo. Beyonce (yawn), Keri Hilson (taking all of my Jenna G), Sean Paul (prerecorded Dutty Egg?!?!?! HUH?), N-dubz (i saying nothing that chick is gully!) Business will always outshine talent at these types of affairs, Best Newcomer JLS, really? Not Speech Debelle, who despite not having an national TV show on which she was marketed for a few months still managed to win The Mercury through hard work, independant label awesomness and originality…. Just who is making these decisions and what are they basing them on please?

Big up to Nneka for her award, interviewed her in 2005 as part of 1Xtras trip to Africa, along with the late great Lebo, both amazing artists its nice to see one get UK mainstream reconition (finally), maybe now our specialist music stations and shows will playlist more of their music which is very much in line with their music policy and audience…or not after all it was only an award show.

Not all coporate bull shizen though, I particularly enjoyed the POP BEEF which was of course going to ensue having so many un-media trained artists in one place and with the national press baiting for any reaction. La Roux and N-dubz lmao!! Please tell me you heard Tulisa call her ‘one of those ugly girls from high school who hated all the pretty girls cause she wasn’t?!?’ LMFAO I bet Tulisa was killer on the debate team…Unfortunately La Roux was unable to comment on the evening or the following day being far to busy on tour in Australia..thats right N-dubz she’s selling units (buzz word of the evening) in another territory, as in her music has that international appeal….what a loner!

Of course this beef stems from Elly’s (La Roux Vocalist) comments about Tinchy Stryder not deserving the critical acclaim he has amassed, in a very polite way she simply suggested that his musical offerings werent as timeless as other artists who were releasing songs at his age and that lyrically the content was of no substance….now im not taking sides but she does make a very fair point, at least its in relation to his music and not his looks. Guess all that time on her own in high school worked well for her literacy…. Tip of the day though me thinks Elly should avoid any line-ups with N-Dubz in the near future cause as lady like as Tulisa looked in that erm Leopard print dress on Wednesday, what came out of her mouth was straight fighting talk. (p.s. i love how the link to this picture has the word cyber bully in it!! Is she gonna bang doe?)

Tinchy (part of the self titled ‘elite of UK music’ lmfaorofhspm) wasnt bothered about Elly on Wednesday after missing out again on a MOBO despite his 3 nominations this year, feeling robbed post ceremony he twitted this genius Twitter faux pas,good luck next year Tinchy!

Tinchy tweets :P

Ah the youth, they will learn in time that awards, much like amazing sex, are all about quality not quantity :P  For a more La Roux approach to the whole Tinchy didnt get an award debate (yes really there is one) check out the hallowed voice of Manchester’s own DJ Semtex.

Shouts to Mistajam for Tweeting the whole way through, was actually better than watching it :P

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