Oh No So Solid Are Back?

I got 21 seconds to go so i’ll make this quick. The infamous So Solid Collective are back (lets face it crew doesn’t sound that big anymore and there are definitely more of them this time round, maybe the Twins just had twins? Anyhoo…). Lock up ya daughters cause Romeo’s dun it again alongside the familiar face and sequined lapels of Megaman and of course the top heavy ‘they dont know’ bout the auto tune temptress herself Lisa Mafia.
Haters this ones for you :)

Wonder no longer bout what they’ve all been up to since their heady days of national success thanks to the fab technicolor subject matter of this video, its clear they’ve been getting those sentimental things enhanced, watching Above The Rim and traveling back in time. Am i the only one who laughed at Romeos intro? Oh sorry excuse me, no your right, it was comic genius. Moving on can we please have the street single quick for some old skool gullyness and before you lower the face value of my So Solid trading cards even more, thank you :P

3 Responses to “Oh No So Solid Are Back?”

  1. Melissa says:

    I think this single matches the tone of current UK hip-pop – how pop it’s sounding right now. At the end of it all, they’re just trying to have a hit like anyone else.

    Please tell me there are not really So Solid trading cards…

  2. Jenna G says:

    Hip-pop *cringe* that is so right :P
    And yes they did have So Solid Trading Cards…i think you got 3 with each single you bought, the special skills section was my favourite!!

  3. Melissa says:

    I will refuse to be surprised if you have Romeo’s special skills memorised, but I can’t promise not to shake my head at you!

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