My surreal Sunday.

Giant Pumpkin Comp.

This time a few weeks back i was about to have one of the surrealist sundays i’ve had in a long time. Giant pumpkins, flamingos, musical toadstools, more pumpkins, donkeys that spit chocolate coins, a broken camera, Victorian swings and Rapunzel’s tower are just a few of the things that spun my sober and therefore fragile little mind right out on a trip to Fairytale Land…

Pumpkins Giant

Not to far from Stuttgart in Ludwigsberg lies the Blooming Baroque, a miniature palace of Versailles which this particular Sunday was the location for an annual pumpkin festival…?!?!

pumpkins mucho!

Watch out for more pumpkin post’s on the build up to Ooooooooo Halloween :P

pumpkin longshot

Gulliver pumkins

Pumpkin display

i’ve never seen so many pumpkins in my life talk about tripping out, add to this the acres of electronically enchanted and fairytale style themed (yet totally un-disney like) forests & gardens behind the palace…

Fairytale Garden

and you have a very bewildered but utterly childlike and nostalgic Jenna G asking magic mirrors whose the prettiest of them all….

pumpkin mirror mirror

calling out to Rapunzel to let down her golden hair…

pumpkin rap's tower

which she does!!! (im not joking call out..and the plait in the picture lowers itself down to you!)

.Calling Rapunzel

Pumpkin rap up shot

Jumping over motion sensored slate stones to be sprayed by water!!!

Only safe for little people...

and being scared shitless in the ‘ye olde’ ice house

ice house

complete with A LOT of spiders thanks to the neglected, dark and secluded surroundings…

Ye olde ice house

and of course more pumpkins…

pumpkin lake

It was one of the best afternoons i’ve had in ages nostalgic, innocent, unexpected, surreal, entertaining..unfortunately my camera didn’t agree and quit working half way through. DAM! I wanted to take a picture of the brass donkey that spits gold chocolate coins, the mosaic stone dragon that asks you to feed it paper and thanks you for it, sleeping beauty asleep at her wheel… i got the red shoes though, dancing around relentlessly in an art deco cage….

The red shoes

And the Ludwisberg ‘L’ made out of…pumpkins!!

Ludwigsberg L

After the ‘L’ we went to the aviary sans working camera where we watched a bird that looked like a character from the scene in Alice in Wonderland where she sings ‘I give myself very good advice’, you know the one that’s like a duck billed platypus except its on two tall legs? Any hoo we watched this thing wash the dead carcass of a chick for 5 mins between its mad mouth/bill, before resting far from it to watch the Flamingos sleeping on one leg while Mandarin ducks swam fabulously in the foreground….seriously the end to a surreal Sunday.. Hope your having the same :)

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