Hoya Hoya @ WHP x Groovement = :)

WHP Hoya chunky & crowd

As i embark on another club and music filled weekend my mind gleefully flits back to last Saturday night at The Warehouse Project where in room 2 presented by Hoya Hoya i had one of the best nights out in Manchester i’ve had in years! (Thank you fellas :P )

WHP Hoya GAslamp2

The line up was killer and theĀ  back room was more packed than i’ve ever seen, it was one in one out for most of the night, thanks to Sabre for green wristbands i wasn’t privy to that experience…I danced my ass off, nodded my head til my neck was sore to the killer sounds of Nosaj thing, Mary Anne Hobbs

WHP Annie Nightingale

Dam Funk, Rustie

WHP Hoya Roostie Chunk

WHP Hoya Daedelus

Daedelus, (above & below)

WHP Hoya Daedelus

The Mutha F***in’ Gaslamp killer

WHP Hoya Gas Lamp1

and of course the Hoya lads Illum Sphere, Johnny Dub, Jon K and MC Chunky (killing it as usual :) I can’t describe how much fun i had raving on side of the stage in awe at the Menome in all its glory and so close to the sounds i’ve been listening to all year on tour thanks to the link to Low End Theory Podcasts from the ever awesome Matt-a-Ewe Holiver! Didn’t get to bed til way past morning and arose just in time to catch the whole line up on the Groovement radio show, courtesy of the fellow Manc slasher that is Agent J :) Show was packed full of amazing tunes including the beat-boxing auto-tune tramp whose legendary Youtube video is now a fully produced banger, some Turkish funk (i think it was), pure glitch and vinyl hits played straight from Gaslamps IPhone and a turtle getting jiggy with a shoe! Listen back or even better download at your leisure….trust me its all good :)

Groovement: Daedelus X Gaslamp Killer [Hoya Hoya takeover] by groovementradio

Check out videos from the motley crew up in Unity Radio and more pictures on Groovements blog and don’t forget Hoya Hoya this Halloween Saturday with Ras G!! BOOM :P

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