Fairplay Annie :)

This might sound weird but i’ve done so many random studio sessions this year that i forget what tracks are out there getting played! When i say random i mean sporadic as in, on my rare days off admist all the travelling and touring with the lovely Qemists from Feb-Sep i ended up at someones studio that i know writing and recording. One of these sessions was with my long time homie Zedios Bizzle way back in erm June, i think :P Biasonics laboratory was misty as usual, an old classic refixed by Zed was bumping away in the background. It was a song my sister and my mum both played alot when it was originally released, i remember full force lung shakin, head dipping and finger snappin sing alongs in car trips to Soul II Souls ‘Fairplay’ featuring the awesome vocal by Rose Windross. Zed asked me to lay down a vocal whilst we were reminiscing bout ‘back in the day, when i was young, im not a kid anymore’, at first it was fun but when he said he wanted to lay down the whole thing, honestly i was shit scared to cover this track.

Such a legendary vocal and not being humble but i really didnt think (1) it was in my range or (2) that it would come out sounding any where near as good as the original.  Zed (Bias currently on route to OZ you lucky lot!) obviously smashed it though as usual with the bad boy refix and the lovely Ms Mac gave it a good spin whilst covering for Benji B on Sunday night prompting a few calls & tweets. If you havent heard it yet you can listen back to the show for the next 3 days here or  if your more of a Radio 1 kind of person check out Annie’s show from Friday….she played it then as well :P BO!

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  1. T says:

    You should make that tune available for download Jenna. The vocal is tight, the people are ready!

  2. djses says:

    heard this on radio 1 on way back from gig last night.. 3 words THIS IS AWESOME needs to be relased asap the vocal is on point i need this tune in my life where can i get my copy … (Hint Hint)

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