Are you @ ITC 2009?

Its all go in my hometown as of today when registration for In The City kicked off in style @ The Midland Hotel in Manchester…

To quote the convention “the worlds premiere New Music event” starts tomorrow with 3 days of panels and performances taking place in and around the city (get it) from some of the biggest names in the music industry to the most talented unknowns. I’ve been attending ITC since 1998 in various guises: as a student hungry for knowledge on the industry, helping out behind the scenes, speaking on panels, performing, free loading on peoples expense accounts but each and everytime i’ve been there i’ve been as a loud and proud Manc!

This year is no different i’ll be taking in the sights and sounds of Mondays big name panels (Mark Ronson, Hattie Collins, Mike Smith, DJ Semtex to name a few) performing on Tuesday @ Chicago Rock Cafe with The Engine-Earz and covering the event for Channel M interviewing as many ITC attendees i can get my busy little hands on!

If your In The City this week performing, networking, plugging, speaking on a panel, stalking, collecting autographs whatever,  even if you don’t have an expense account (tee hee) holla at ya gurl would be dope to meet up in my hometown and grab an interview if you have the time. :P

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