The auto-tune lives on….

Kano Rock n Roll

Kano one of the UK’s best mc’s in my books is set to release a new album next year featuring some pretty interesting production credits from Hot-Chip, Radio Clit and Boyz Noize…its quite an exciting project for this young fella from London, his fourth album! However after watching this video (on Miss Fiddys Blog) i think ill save my personal giddyness for next the single…Seriously am getting that old that i cannot accept half arsed lyrics and phrasing from someone i know can do 1000 times better? No doubt this is probably already getting played in all the places i don’t frequent…thank god for 6Music my safe place….

Rock ‘N Roller from Kano on Vimeo.

Literally cringing at the “im still rock and roll” lyrics and hand gestures over a euro pop beat….and when did a leather jacket and a Westwood t-shirt constitute rock n roll….surely thats punk right?

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