Thank You Shoeture!

Present from Shoeture!

Got a dope present passed on by Gina whilst in Sun and Bass from LA sneaker accessorizer (yes im making up words) Shoeture i’ve seen lace jewellery before but this company does it with alot more flair…¬†

Shoeture on Bapes

Their signature style (and my personal favs) are the Hooks in various metals and finishes, so simple yet turns ya sneaks into Tron/BTF2/Warrior styled sleekness. Im all about getting me some in every colour, i mean for a trainer freak like me the ethos is the same…you can never have to many right?

Me in Shoeture

Thank you Shoeture (may you reign foreva) for my Boombox babies from the King range which¬† are currently sitting pretty on my patent leather black and white gingham Bapes, is anyone else wet after this phrase…. :P

Shoeture - my view

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