Super Super (jokes!)

Super Super's Naamalee

Ok im all about what ever you wanna be, do, represent, label yourself as…im a big supporter of the fact that we are our biggest fans (or at least should be, so shout about it). I especially love those fortunate souls from the old smoke (London) who can look further a field than the M25, maximum props to any media opp that shines a light on my home town… So it’s not necessarily a bad thing then that this particular episode of Super Super (produced by Ele:ven for Channel 4.) had me falling off my stool laughing is it?

Its just soooooo Nathan Barley its hard to accept its real, i seriously cannot contain myself from 1.25 onwards, i swear its genius and NOT SCRIPTED!?! Long live this rag and its contributors i know you don’t do this for my entertainment but i appreciate it all the same :)

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