Sun & Bass 2009 – Bal Harbour

Bal Harbour 2009 Photo by Mark Whitney

So face bookers will have already seen the videos & photos  from the awesome location that is Bal Harbour in San Teodoro. I’ve had the pleasure to perform there twice as part of Sun and Bass the first time 2007…was an experience for all, personally it wasn’t my best but this year made up for it no end!

The Sun and Bass crowd are so lovely its almost like performing in front of your family and friends, in fact thats exactly what it was like and even though i was stressing alot before the gig as soon as i got on that mic the reception from everyone in attendance made me feel right at home! Was one of the weirdest gigs i’ve done, no fixed stage just a whole lot of club to strut around, wearing Ms Drewes creation and singing to people up close and personal, i felt like i was in my own 1950′s musical ;P

BAl Harbour 2009

Big shout to those in the crowd who let me jump on their backs, drink their drinks and get all up in their face during the performance and thanks to everyone for uploading the videos on Youtube, wicked to have a live reminder of such a dope day. Watching them i cant help but get a fuzzy feeling inside, even if i am jumping up and down in a bikini that has little to no support on video for the whole world to watch…

Lots more online including the more performances from the amazing dnb family in attendance DRS, Lynx & Kemo, Marcus Intallex and loads more.

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