Redlight 1Xtra show coming soon!

Redlight - Photo by Hacker

Redlight aka Clipz is about to blow and if you don’t know you best to get to know about the new sounds from one of Bristols finest producers…Been following his tweets then you’ll know that this week he popped into the almighty 1Xtra to prepare for a Redlight special, me thinks a fabulous location to premiere this sound that you just cant help but shake ya body to, or as the man himself puts it ‘Wobble like a Jellyfish’!

Lots of remixes being rinsed in clubs and pon radio by the likes of Mistajam and the Radio 1 cool mob keep and eye out for lots of collabs in the pipeworks aswell including a jazzy stomper with Mr Giles Peterson thats out Nov 14th and a little something from yours truely along with more familiar faces from the UK scene. For more information on when and where the tracks and that 1Xtra shows gonna be keep an eye on his twitter feed :P

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