Sun & Bass 2009 – Lynx & Kemo

Lynx & Kemo - Photo by Emma MArshall

Speaking to Lynx online last night he said he didn’t watch any videos of him or listen back to shows that have been recorded…i think this time bro you got to make an exception. Theres some great videos of all the performances from Bal Harbour at this years Sun & Bass its such a fabulous location the right music makes every video look like an advert or hip hop video…without the ladies in the pool!! Heres Lynx & Kemo longside Simon on guitar, sounded great fellas on such a lovely sunny day…can i get a name check on the track in the background please…its lovely :)

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  1. kemo says:

    thanks for featuring this, superstar!

    its a forthcoming lynx & kemo track called “lost in lust”

    glad you like it.

    much love


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