Hello Sun n Bass!

sun and bass bar & beach

OK i wrote this at the weekend but just take it as fact as you read this i am in Sardinia!!!!

Sun and Bass is in full swing this week and im sooooooo excited to be here again after missing out on last years festivities. Singing at Bal Harbour on Wednesday and partying every night this week to the sweet (and obviously bashy) sounds from the creme de la creme of drum and bass! My villa-tastic crew are Steffi,

beautiful steffi!


His royal Thies-ness!

and the host of Augusts’ awesome boatparty in Heidleberg, Michael! (ooo that reminds me still have to post those pictures!)

Michael Hold it down!

Germans in ze house :P

Expect lots of photoblogging from me this week if theres an internet connection near the beach if not enjoy the pre-thought posts that will be popping up making you think im not some where hot and glorious!!!

Now let the games begin!!

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