Guess who?

Guess Who....

This coming Friday will see the first blog post from Jennaration G’s new contributor. Its a big deal for me and the Jennaration in jennaral :P I’ve been blogging here for over a year now hans solo. Not wanting to be chained to my mac and being the social butterfly that i am (ehem) i’ve missed out on some pretty big events (blog wise), happenings that my new contributor was always up on but didn’t have a place from which to pronounce to the world their knowledge. Exactly the kind of character the Jennaration begats, so this is the perfect forum for his or her future rantings. But who you might be asking is this new¬† blogger gonna be and just what pulse are their grubby little fingers on exactly?Well seeing as theres 4 days til his first post hows about a guessin game…and those in the know dont spoil it for everyone.

Here’s ya first clue, this years Reset 2 deep in the heart of Londinium.

Jennaration G’s new blogger is in this video but can you guess which Shoreditch captive they are….?

The Reset II from Gwilym Lewis-Brooke on Vimeo.

More clues tomorrow :P

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