Guess who – Day 4

Guess Who!

Yeah i know its late but my week runs differently to yours :P However i had to go in on this post plus get ill and recover in under 24 hours….make that 48 i just took another day to post this…Ok so we’ve had a video, fashion & life & love blog clue about the end of the weeks new addition to Jennaration G. Todays (yesterdays, Thursdays) clue is all about music, I asked our new contributor for 16 tracksĀ  attached to memories from their life so far and his favourite film and below is the outcome mixed together and ready for your listening pleasure…now i dont know if this is gonna help anyone as to who the new blogger will be but it does highlight some very interesting points about their musical taste which i was not aware of before, Chipmunk & Ironik…..seriously i did not see that coming! It also highlights how fun Ableton is to mix on even if you only have an hour (go me :P ) Theres some dope tunes here which i hadn’t heard before and i must say thanks to the new blogger for making my music collection even phatter whilst finding all their chosen tracks…funnily enough i did not have Fallacy Groundbreaker on my computor, i never would have believed that!

Guess Who? by Jenna G

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