Guess Who – Day 3

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Big shout out to Peter who took the first public guess yesterday as to who Jennaration G’s new blogger is gonna be…unfortunately you were wrong about Lady Gaga, so maybe todays fashion focussed words from the horses mouth (so to speak, its not Mr Ed)  will help you some more….Now i dont like spiders they are my pet hate. Their dangerous (in some parts of the world), ugly, creepy, crawly, everywhere in my house and garden, eaten by everyone at least five times in their life whilst sleeping and they have 8 disgustingly hairy legs.  Jennaration G’s new blogger also hates spiders but has more loathing for what he calls his ’8 fashion hates’ in his own words (not mine)

All Saints Belts worn by groups of guys proud to be wearing the same belt as their friends.

Guys with diamante Westwood or Chanel or anything style earring studs

Ed Hardy & Rhinestones. Tough guys wearing some of the campest t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, trainers and caps. All at the same time!!

mens jeans with accessoriesJeans with built in accessories. Braces, bizarrely placed pockets, embroidery or even the dreaded built in manbag (could not find image anywhere but its not a good look)

Men in cardigans with no t-shirt, extra hate points for fake tanned waxed chests!!

sex drugs and sausage rolls‘Witty’ slogan tshirts. Amature gynacolgist. Sex, Drugs & Sausage rolls. They’re not funny and wont help you pull a bird.

Ugs, plimsoles and espadrilles on GUYS!

Location rhymes with Imitation

Location Goggle Jackets. Fair enough if you can’t afford C.P. one but don’t buy a very cheap imitation just go without.

More love and less hate tomorrow on day 4 of Guess Who? Its kinda of fun right….?

2 Responses to “Guess Who – Day 3”

  1. agentready says:

    Correction: my name’s not Peter, but no hard feelings. And by the way, humans might look equally scary to spiders. :P

  2. Jenna G says:

    Where the hell did i get peter from lol…i never thought of the spider angle that way round…however i don’t go and stand around their webs putting them off their food!!

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