Guess Who? Day 2

7 Questions

OK so more clues as to who the new blogger will be thanks to their readiness to answer the above questions that i stole (unbeknown to them) from a website about Respect & Sex

Definately important questions when getting to know someone…as first you have to know yourself (got that from the website, man sex is deep :) Go on answer them yourself, you never know what you might find out *sarcastic tone* incase you hadn’t guessed already.

1. What are your beliefs and values?

i believe if you’re a good person. good stuff will happen. kind of karma, but not to the extent of my name is earl. I just try to be a good.

2. What are your boundaries?

well i know my limits, does that mean the same? i know i can drink tequila without throwing up, and i know im a terrible speller.

3. What do you know about your body?

i know im only 23, but i feel old. i know i smoke too much, and im probably not in the best shape i could be. so on the inside i could do with improving. on the outside my body is getting covered in tattoos, but its expensive, so its taking a while. but it makes me like my body more. im proud of them.

4. Do you know the risks?

the risks? of getting involved in your blog? urm yeah. i do. i already think people see me as a twat though.

5. Can you speak up and be honest?

no. never.

6. Are you being pressured?

all the time. but good pressure.

7. Are you emotionally ready?

there is only one way to find out.

More info tomorrow any guesses yet people?

3 Responses to “Guess Who? Day 2”

  1. agentready says:

    Looking at most answers (especially 3), my best guess is Lady Gaga, but hopefully you’re not THAT desperate for a new blogger. :P

  2. Jenna G says:

    Ahhh good guess but alas Gaga declined the post as it comes with no pay packet and she is apparently broke…. ;P

  3. MC Kat says:

    Could it be Amy Winehouse, i’m thinkin’ it is….

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