Crying after sex….

Girl talk over ichat and we’re on a very serious topic, crying after or during the horizontal hokey pokey.Its not a good look, which ever way you look at it even if your crying cause it was sooo good and your souls have connected and you feel like the slick black gold of the sun…it just screams Sweet Dreams and they were 80′s teenage fantasies.

Have you ever cried after sex? In all honesty and to make my friend feel better about doing it will admit to breaking down after sex about 3 times¬† which I can recall vaguely and for 3 very different reasons but funnily enough not a single reaction (ok well maybe one but theres no need to remind me thank you very much!).Im not to proud of my out bursts but put it down to being a very emotional person, come on i cried at the last episode of ‘Young, dumb and living off mum‘.

Number one being it was so bad,¬† i couldn’t believe that all the build up had lead to a big nothing crying was an easy way out! Two was a little more serious and to explain it would sound quite pathetic or at least it has every time i’ve tried to type it out it has so i’ll simply say it was a mercy f**k! Lastly and im sorry for anyone (or their girlfriend *cough*) that reads this and goes, ‘hang on a minute’ but you know like when its not good but you really like the person and then you start thinking about other things in your life that are as desperate as this union of flesh and his attempt to get you off and then all of a sudden your crying?

Thats just me then…

I cant really be to harsh about it obviously being a culprit myself however having had it done to me a few times for a variety of inane reasons i can honestly say being naked with someone when their crying is mighty awkward…especially when the tears correspond to their stiff prowess, if you know what i mean.

Thank god my friend wasnt sleeping with me i would have kicked their ass to the kerb, ha ha only joking but seriously no crying when your in me, safe.

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