Chipmunk @ Reading Festival

Chipmunk @ Reading

After dropping my trousers in front of him whilst changing backstage in Leeds my weekend went all Chipmunk-y…Me & Chipmunk

In all honesty as big as this kid is right now its hard to get away from him on tv, in magazines and on radio! This weekend had the pleasure of seeing him perform at the Reading & Leeds festivals he was on after us in Reading and on the drive down from Leeds Saturday night i caught him on Westwoods show singing along to almost every tune and sounding so unaffected (until Tinchy turned up) me thinks a radio career definitely awaits this young man if he so desires. Seem to remember having a drop from him on 1Xtra after interviewing him at the beginning of his rise to fame, he has the cutest voice, until it breaks lol!

CHipmunk Reading backstge

Caught his show on sunday at Reading and he aint half bad, had the whole crowd with him in the palm of his hand you could say! Check out a little sample of his freestyle over the Kid Cudi Day n Nite beat, sorry the sound isn’t that good, still trying to figure out best way to AudioBoo from loud venues without it being to distorted or quiet…

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