Alexander Nut, Hoya Hoya & Harmonic 313

Alex @ Hoya Hoya

This weekend i was out in my home town with Alexander Nut, who was up north to DJ @ Hoya Hoya. Was a really dope weekend which included some old skool jungle dancing avec Ms Esquire, 5.30am Maccys D’s, the cremation of alot of trees, Unity Radio with @Illum_sphere & @nickfaldoI Am T-Pain and ALOT of amazing music.If you dont know Alex brings you the dopest selections of what Dazed calls ‘the best of the future sounds of hip hop’ every Saturday afternoon on Rinse FM. He’s been showcasing these awesome sounds for the past 2 years and over that time has also set up his own music promotion service  All Young Kings and the Eglo label alongside Floating Points who he also manages. A very busy young man but he did have time to come drop some heavy beats in Manny at Hoya Hoya and at Unity Radio this past weekend, download the heavy show from Groovement.

Do not sleep on Hoya @ The Roadhouse for the best names that you may not see every day… Next event sees Brackles on the 10th Oct more info to follow v soon :)

My favourite tracks this weekend from the hallowed harddrives (and record bags) of Mr Nut & the Hoya lads (Ryan & Johnny); Drumming (Seijis Squelchy Rub) – Florence & The Machine,  Silly Ho -  TLC (old skool draw!) and the “so fresh its no where on the internet apart from at Groovement in the shows podcast or in Benji B’s record bag, now pull it up bad man” track,  Scar by the stupendous Harmonic 313 & Wiley (who doesnt like seeing animals caged, cause he cant free them…bless). Seeing as this track is so elusive at the moment here is another offering from Harmonic 313 ft Phat Kat & Elzhi, with an equally dutty skanking head nodding effect.

Thank you to Alex for the awesome music (even though you left non one my usb key….ehem), Hoya Hoya for a reet ol skank session and of course god….not really, its just two thanks didnt seem long enough :)

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