What is a Harajuku Barbie?

Ok im drunk hence totally random post but seriously…for a second…don’t you just hate girls who chat confidently about shit they know nothing about? OK scratch that last comment i used to work in radio and dont hate myself…. Anyhoo I have honestly never heard of Nicki Minaj before (thank god!) however seeing as shes friends with Kanye’s gurl im guessin this in depth display of cultural knowledge ain’t the last im gonna see of her. Oh and by the way Miss Minaj (that conveniently rhymes with mirage,you aint real, tee hee) nice cover but really the whole pizzeria section left me dumb-founded…you know what that means don’t you?
Big luv to ya gurlfriend…holler at lil kim from me next time your gettin all inspired, yes some of us were there first time round…lyrical slackness on this shallow level ain’t empowering its exactly what they want you to say, duh…end of speech, lol im putting the drink down now…burp…*feminist salute!*

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