Thank Q Summer Sonic!

Summer Sonic Mountain Stage 2009

What an amazing weekend in an awesome country, Summer Sonic 2009 Japan was one of the best live experiences i’ve ever had! Truely humbling, the two shows with the Qemists in Tokyo & Osaka were what my childhood dreams were made of 10,000 strong crowds, speaker rigs and scaffolding to climb and gyrate on, huge video screens, dressing rooms next to uber stars, autograph signings, TV interviews…the list goes on and on.

Summer Sonic Sky Stage Osaka

Qemists @ sky stage

I don’t know where to begin really it was a whirlwind tour on the other side of the world with a group of people that this year has become like a surrogate family to me, i don’t think anything we had experienced together so far had quite prepared us for the hugeness of the festival itself or our final gig in Tokyo. It was so inspiring that a simple thank you video from the boys become a worldwide shout-out, a definate dedication to all the gigs we’ve had this year and everything that brought us to that 50 minutes of awesomeness on the Mountain stage in Tokyo.

As usual we had alot of fun times off stage sampling the eastern culture longside the ever up for it Shikari crew and a host of new faces from the other bands playing at the festival, 2 very messy nights in the Rock Bar Osaka & Shibuya which involved human pyramids, wheel chairs, conga lines, marker pens,  Darth Vadar and fire extinguishers! Ah happy ass cringe worthy memories that will keep me smiling for a long time! Massive thank you as always to the Qemists its an honour and a joy to get up on stage with you each and every time, Bruno you know how we do! Thanks to everyone that made Summer Sonic so special the crowd, organisers, Beatink, Ninjatunes, Stealth starting to sound like Leon, so i’ll end here with just thank you :)

summer sonic sky stage osaka

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