Limp Bizkit @ Summer Sonic

Limp Bizkit @ Summer Sonic
Still catching up on last fortnights awesome trip to Japan for the mahussive Summer Sonic festival. Headlining our stage in Osaka and Tokyo were Limp Bizkit who honestly i didn’t realize were together anymore…

Limp Bizkit Live in Tokyo

Oh they just started touring again this year after a 5 year break, thank you google. Still Fred Durst from my memory was a bit of a shabby rapper and a wanna be play boy so imagine my surprise when he turns up with wife and kids to play for over 25,000 people! The lads went sick for the Limp especially the guitar player with a penchant for facepaint and DJ Lethal, formerly of House of Pain (really? I never knew that!). I watched em for a bit then went off into the festival on my own to explore, here’s my few moments from side of stage at Limp Bizkit!

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