I need my Toobz tied!


Ok for ya’ll that didn’t know i have a terribly addictive personality, i mean that in boths ways i.e. you cant get enough of me and i cant get enough of whatever it is has took my fancy… This is the main reason i try my hardest to not play video games at home or on my mobile phone, i can happily waste alot of hours (time which is so precious) trying to better my last attempt at whatever challenge is on the screen! I will ashamedly admit to staying indoors for nearly a week with an ex-flatmate playing Vice City when it was released many moons ago, i also locked myself in a fully stocked house to read the last Harry Potter book non stop… Cut to this week and my attempts to record some much needed vocals for the True Tiger camp have been thwarted repeatedly by a game from my childhood which has some how found its way onto my IPhone!

Toobz game screen

Toobz is mad simple and yet in the higher levels (only accessible if you buy full version for 53p) are surprisingly tricky…the other night i played this lying down in bed for so long i lost the feeling in my fingers and wrists! Seriously im considering deleting this truely wonderful app due to its effect on this weeks productivity..before i do though thought id share the bug , so others that get as addicted as i am can turn and say in a late great Jackson stylee…’You are not alone!’

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