Happy 7th Birthday +160!

NIcholas Faig +160

Last year i was very lucky to be able to perform in South America longside W10 label owner and DJ Danny Wheeler. We partied hard with Omik and crew in Venezuela and had a truely magical night way down in Argentina at the legendary +160. Bad Boy Orange the creator, promoter and trainer don has been living and breathing +160 for 7 whole years of non stop parties,  Artificial Intelligence were the guests at the awesome anniversary bash.

I so wish i could of been there, had the most fun with such an amazing club full of people back in December 08, sick musical selection each and every time for the drum n bass massive in town! With each party the beats and the brand grow stronger and stronger, no doubt it will continue in this way for many more years to come. Drum and Bass DJ’s from all over the world make this night a must past guests include Dillinja, Adam F, Bryan G & Darrison, Marky, Die, Makoto & Deeizm, A-sides, TC, Shimon, DJ Buey, Drumagick, DJ Silver, the list goes on and includes¬† the host with the most Bad Boy Orange famous for his 6-7 hour sets of choice unadulturated acclerated music!

If your ever in BA make sure Tuesday night your in Club Bahrein front and centre @ +160!

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