Graffitti Knitting

Street Sign YArn bomb

Thanks to Josh Saunder on FB for posting a very interesting link to a post on Urban Knitting, prompting me to find out more about what seems to be an international phenomenon…

Trainer throw yarn bomb

There are literally hundreds of sites set up around this form of guerrilla street art with some seriously pun-tastic names Miss Cre-Knits, Knit the city, Idle Hands to name a few. Each site seems to be individual bloggers who document their knitting assaults which are called ‘Yarn-bombs’ on the streets of where ever they may be. There are some shots im familiar with the most recognizable is the phone box in Parliament Square, i think it was in the Metro, this was a collective effort by Knit the City and Deadly Knitshade also know as the Knit the city Yarn Cops.

I love to knit, even though i will admit to never finishing anything i do have a rather large collection of square and rectangle patterns all perfectly crafted, could i be a Guerrilla Knitter? Will definitely be keeping my eye out from know on for Yarn Bombs where ever im at. Up North ill be keeping an eye out for the return of Miss Cre-knits hearts & other creations, Londoners watch closely for Knit the City’s next Web of Woe, tripping to Holland go visit Evelien Verkerk and Jan ter Heide’s  knitted landscape to locate more cosy street installations…

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