AAAAAAAAAAAAH! – Faith La Rocque

Warning This scared me a little...

Warning the picture in this post may shock and disturb you slighty…it certainly did me. If i were a kid i would get nightmares from the following image so maybe don’t open if there’s an impressionable mind in the room that can see the screen.

Faith La Roque She wolf

Searching for She Wolf images on google and came across the above by Faith La Rocque, had to find out more about this artist if only to make sure this was not real. I mean come wtf is it, ok its a chick, very skinny chick in a mask, is it a chick or that dude from the Aphex Twin video with the big head…..except now its a wolfs head, a hairless carcuss of a wolf’s head and its on your bed, pinning you under neath the duvet and smilin for the cameraaaaaaaAAAAAHHHHHHH.

Ssweet dreams!

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