Stereo Panda x Micheal Jackson Tee!

The King of Pop is well and truely dead and whilst his family scrabble over his estate and children the rest of us mere mortals are left to grieve in more civil ways… Twittering Tributes, RIP MJ Facebook status’s, Blipping fav MJ tunes, attending the Apollo ‘Grieve In’ or getting all creative and cashing in on such and untimely demise are just some of the ways we have been coping! If you are thinking about the latter do it in style much like the fabulous Stereo Panda crew who have 150 of these bad boys up for grabs..make that 149 tee hee, i had to get me one of these tasteful tribute tees! Do not not do it like this cheeky monkey me and Skream bumped into on Thursday night backstage @ Glastonbury :P

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